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Inside microcement

Microcement Floors

Microcement Floors

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Suelos de Microcemento

There are several that can be use on floor as microcement, printed concrete, floating platform, etc. But all of them need their cares and maintenance.  

Because of the characteristics and quality of our microcement, it is a product that does not require much care and maintenance when it is finished with polyurethane varnish as it is a product with high hardness and is waterproof

On the first days of having completed its application certain cares are important, alter 4 weeks of its application it would have reach the maximum of its hardness and would be highly resistant to abrasive agents and scratches. 

General cares:

It’s vital the use of floor protectors on the feet of furniture to avoid scratches. 

Completely avoid dragging he furniture or household appliances over a microcement paving.

Do not use acids to clean the floor only neutral detergent (as the ones used to lean marble or wood floors) and use plenty of water.

Kitchen countertop, do not place hot posts or pans over the microcement. 

It’s recommended to apply an acrylic wax on this type of floors as it proportionate several advantages: the floors get less dirty; it restores the original shining of the floor and hides the scratches that may exist. 

It’s important that when the Bi-component polyurethane varnish is use the joints with another materials, corners, sewers, etc… are well sealed, it will be done with a brush, making sure the product is completely extended and there are not puddles.