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Microcement CimentArt Guarantees

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CimentArt Guarantees

CimentArt Microcement SL declares that the product is guaranteed for 1 year, after the end of the application, according to Law 38/1999, of November 5, Building Management, in the following 3 situations, provided that the instructions of the technical sheets and the applicable rules have been met:

No cracking guarantee

The CimentArt microcement never breaks. If ever a break appears on our microcement surface, it always be because the surface where it has been applied did break.

Adherence Guaranty

We guaranty that Microcement CimentArt does not peel off or chip from the surface where it has been applied.

Discoloration Guaranty

We guaranty that the Microcement CimentArt it doesnt have discolorations or apparent changes on the color, over the time, in interiors. In outdoors we guarantee no color changes in our range of light colors, not recommending the use of medium or intense colors, because they can be affected over time by atmospheric agents.

* This guarantee does not cover structural movements or settlement of the building, which causes cracks, peeling or chipping of supports where it is applied, capillary humidity, blows, floods, furniture that damages the pavement or scratches or clefts on surface caused by incorrect furniture.

Application Guaranty

The Company that does the application will offer the final guarantee. This guaranty is governed by the law of the European Normative regarding decorative coatings.

CimentArt Microcement SL is a distributor of microcement and other related products, it is not a microcement application Company, therefore, it cannot be take responsible under any circumstances for applications made by professionals or outside companies that purchase our products.

The application of our products, by professionals, must be done without variation of our working methods.

For more detailed information on our application systems, you can visit our website and download the Surface Manual Guide, Working Methods and Technical sheets for each product.

Guarantee of the shipments

Our products are not qualified as dangerous in transport area (except the SB varnish) in accordance with the directive 67/548 CE and the normative CE 1272/2008.

CimentArt Microcement SL hires external companies of transport and includes on such hiring an insurance for each shipment. In the same moment our products leave to be ship to the client, the responsibility of the acquired and shipped products is of the transportation company and the final customer. Once the products are deliver to the address of the final customer, the final customer has the responsibility to check in that same moment that the shipment is in accordance with the invoice and purchase order done to CimentArt. Once the client has sign that the receipt of the products is okay no claims would be accepted.

Microcement guarantee applied on wet or capillary supports

Microcement cannot be applied on substrates that:

  • Have a humidity greater than 6%.
  • Have capillary humidity or
  • on freshly made plaster or cement substrates.

On any pavement or wall made with a cement-based product, gypsum, putties, adhesive cement, single coat mortar for facades, concrete, self-leveling cement, etc, you must wait enough time to harden and dry (usually 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of product, layer thickness, ventilation, humidity and ambient temperature.

Under any circumstances use microcement inside pools, tanks, jacuzzis (areas where the water is kept).

CimentArt does not offer any guarantee in these cases, in which the sufficient time for the drying of supports has not been waited or the capillary humidity has not been adequately treated, prior to the application of the microcement.  These areas with moisture substrates or capillary humidity cause: the microcement does not achieve the maximum hardening, stains come out, affect the finish of the varnishes, changes in colors and even peel off the microcement.


Waterproof guarantees

In the case of areas that are exposed to water like showers, kitchen or bathroom counter-tops, baths, sinks, terraces, etc., make sure the inclinations are well made and that there aren’t puddles or areas where the water sits.

CimentArt Microcement SL offers the AQUA line products (water proof micro-cement 100% ready to be use) a total waterproof guaranty on areas that are expose to water (as the ones describe don the above paragraph).

The traditional bi-component micro-cement must no be use on these areas.

Anti-slip guarantee

We guarantee that our systems are non-slip, reaching the C3 Certificate (the highest level of anti-slip) using the CimentArt Microspheres.

Anti-slip Certificate C3

Quality guarantee

CimentArt has obtained the Quality Certificate based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standards.

Quality Certificate 9001

Guarantee of commitment to the environment

CimentArt has obtained the Environmental Certificate based on the UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards.

14001 Environmental Quality Certificate


In CimentArt Microcement we are aware that we have to protect our planet. All our products are below the permitted emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer in the atmosphere) by the European Community Regulations.