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Care and Maintenance

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Care and Maintenance

Newly applied microcement care

The risks of scratches, tarnish and severe dirt of the floor take place in the first weeks of service life. A newly made floor, after 4 weeks, has a superior hardness and a better cleaning than at the beginning when just completed.

Our Micro-cements need about 4 weeks to achieve the full hardness at room temperature and humidity (20ºC and 40% to 60% of relative humidity).

First week care

Keep the temperature of the house or space where the micro-cement was applied between 15ºC to 25ºC.

Do not step on the floor or work over the surface where the micro-cement was used.

Avoid leakages and humidity during this period.

Do not wash, clean, use water or attack the floor under any circumstances.

Do not protect the surface with cardboard or paper the first 7 days.

Care after the first week

In the case of painting Works, plumbing and construction, etc. protect with double corrugated cardboard. Do not let any tools fall and avoid hitting the micro-cement surface.

Clean only with water and without abrasive mechanical efforts, neither detergents of any kind. On cleaning situations, do not permit water puddles.

Prevent for the paint spills, glue or drying liquids discharge, as they can damage the Polyurethane Varnish.

Care after the first month

We recommend applying an acrylic wax each month to aid the protection of the surface.

Avoid the contact with strong solvents, turpentine, hydrochloric acid, hair dyes or any other kind of organic or inorganic acids.

In the case of tarnish over the time because of the use of the floors, do the following cleaning: cleanse with a descaling or anti-grease agent.

Once this cleaning is done, you can use acrylic wax to bring the shine of the surface back Also 1 or 2 new layers of Polyurethane Varnish can be apply over the surface.

Avoid exposing the floor strong heat permanently. Do not throw lit cigarettes to the floor. Do not make applications close to ovens and fireplace.

In the case of the kitchen counter, do not place hot pots and pans over the micro-cement. Do not use abrasive products that polish, wear out or scratch.

Do not use solvents or acids and concentrated bases on a usual or big amount. Do not use abrasive cleaning systems, like metallic or hard brushes, sand paper, abrasive discs, hard sponge, etc.

Do not use Paint solvents over micro-cement surfaces.

Usual cleaning

1. The manual application of neutral detergent.

2. The rinse and absorption of the water with the mop or any system of suction of liquids. Never leave water puddles for long time, this water must be always removed.

Important note: The use of wax of this kind on the floors is beneficial.


CimentArt Microcement SL states that his Microcement has a guarantee on the following situations, if the application instructions and that the technical data sheets are followed by the book.

No break Guaranty: The Microcemento CimentArt never breaks. If ever a break appears on our micro-cement surface, it always be because the surface where it has been applied did break. This warranty do not cover structural movements or building/houses settlements that produce breaks, delamination or chipping of the surfaces where it has been applied, or blows, flooding or scratching on the surface or caused by an incorrect furniture.

Adherence Guaranty: We guaranty that Microcement CimentArt does not peel off or chip from the surface where it has been applied.

Discoloration Guaranty: We guaranty that the Microcement CimentArt it doesnt have discolorations or apparent changes on the color, over the time, even when applied in the outdoors. We recommend the use of pale in the outdoor.

Application Guaranty: The Company that does the application will offer the final guarantee. This guaranty is governed by the law of the European Normative regarding decorative coatings and are valid for two years.

CimentArt Microcement SL is a micro-cement and all its by-products manufacturer company, is not an application company, therefore it cannot take responsibility in any case for the applications done by professionals or external which by our products.

Manufacturing Guaranty: CimentArt Microcement SL offers a year guaranty on all its products as long as they are sealed and storage in a space without too much temperature and ventilation changes.

All of our products are manufacture under the European Normative UNE-EN 197-1:2000 for cement. All of our products are water based are BII (non-flammable) and flame retardant (Euroclases BFL S1).

In the case of any claim and as manufacturers we compromise to respond for any defective products, and to change it for a new product, once the invoice of the purchase, an explanation of the defect, and photo of the lot number and the expiration date on the label have been send to the following email:

Product transportation Guaranty: Our products are not qualified as dangerous in the matter of transportation, in accordance with the directive 67/548 CE and the normative CE 1272/2008.

CimentArt Microcement SL hires external companies of transport and includes on such hiring an insurance for each shipment. In the same moment our products leave to be ship to the client, the responsibility of the acquired and shipped products is of the transportation Company and the final client. Once the products are deliver to the address of the final client, the final client has the responsibility to check in that same moment that the shipment is in accordance with the invoice and purchase order done to CimentArt. Once the client has sign that the receipt of the products is okay no claims would be accepted.

Microcement applied on humid surfaces or surfaces with capilary humidity

The micro-cement can be applied over walls or floors with humidity, surfaces of neither plaster nor cement newly done. Over any floor or wall made with a product with cement or plaster base (concrete, plaster, filler, cement adhesive, mono-layer, self-leveling compounds, etc….) must be allow to set and dry during the usual time (normally from 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the type of product, thickness of the layer, ventilation, humidity and environment temperature.

Under any circumstances use micro-cement inside pools, tanks, jacuzzis (areas where the water is kept).

Equally, on humid areas, the delay on the definitive hardening can be 4 times more, making the micro-cement floor or wall do not achieve the full mechanical resistance, as the natural setting cycle and the hardening of the material would be interrupted.


A good selection of the furniture that is going to be use on the micro-cement floor is key.

Never place furniture with legs under the following characteristics: pointed, rounded, with rigid plastic protectors, etc… because it concentrates the totality of the weight in only one point and it can mark the micro-cement. The legs of the chairs, tables or furniture must have a wide and straight termination and must always have felt protectors.

All the rigid plastic protectors on the leg of the furniture must be remove and use felt protectors in their place.

Completely avoid dragging the furniture or the household appliances through a microcement floor.

Incorrect legs example:

Incorrect protector example:

Place plastic protectors, which cover the full movement of the rolling wheels on chairs, tables or office chairs with rolling wheels.

Areas exposed to water

In the case of areas that are exposed to water like showers, kitchen or bathroom counter-tops, baths, sinks, terraces, etc., make sure the inclinations are well made and that there aren’t puddles or areas where the water sits.

CimentArt Microcement SL offers the AQUA line products (water proof micro-cement 100% ready to be use) a total waterproof guaranty on areas that are expose to water (as the ones describe don the above paragraph). The traditional bi-component micro-cement must no be use on these areas.

CimentArt Microcement SL takes no responsibility for the alteration or the non-compliance of the rules, the reparation of any caused damages, and the necessary material are on behalf of the client.